Link Between Death And Butterflies

“The caterpillar dies so the butterfly could be born. And, yet, the caterpillar lives in the butterfly and they are but one. So, when I die, it will be that I have been transformed from the caterpillar of earth to the butterfly of the universe.”
– John Harricharan

Butterflies symbolize death or rebirth after death. In fact, some believe that these beautiful creatures represent the souls of those who have recently departed from this mortal world.

Furthermore, in early America, there was a widespread belief that a white butterfly foretells of death.

Interestingly, in Ireland, during the 1600, killing a white butterfly was prohibited as it was considered to be the soul of a deceased child.

The Greek mythology, too, emphasizes that there could be some sort of connection between butterflies and human souls.

In ancient Greece, Psyche, a Goddess with butterfly wings, was the deification of the human soul. Moreover, it is the Greek word for butterfly. You can learn about Psyche at Wikipedia and

Moreover, there is an Irish saying, “Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory.” In addition, as there are three steps of metamorphosis in a butterfly’s life, that is, caterpillar, pupa and winged insect, it also represents spiritual evolution and transformation.

The caterpillar represents us on the material platform, the chrysalis or cocoon represents our tombs, and the full-grown butterfly represents resurrection and rebirth. Thus, an adult butterfly can also represent the freedom of a soul upon death.

You can find a detailed account of butterfly lore at In addition, there is more information on butterfly and moth symbolism at in List 1, List 2, and List 3.

Various individuals have reported seeing a butterfly during a funeral or after a death and derived peacefulness from the fact that the soul of their loved one has moved one.

You can read about such experiences at The Butterfly Website. According to dream analysis and interpretation, seeing a butterfly in a dream signifies creativity, joy, longevity, transformation, and spirituality.

Thus, in different parts of the world, butterfly is considered as an omen of both good luck and bad luck. Unfortunately, those who believe that butterflies, especially black butterflies, foretell death are often enticed to kill these innocent creatures, thinking them to be useless and insignificant.

However, killing the delicate and beautiful creature is not going to alter the course of actions that are pre-destined, or a part of the Divine Plan.

Taking away a life unnecessarily is not fair even from the spiritual and moral points of view. In fact, even if this omen is true, one should try to understand that it is one’s own misfortune that the butterfly is merely warning against.

12 thoughts on “Link Between Death And Butterflies

  1. We buried our sister today while in the church a brown butterfly started flying around the doors & windows were shut so there was no way it could have flown in it was not flying around before the service but once the service started it flew every where

  2. My Gma was at home on hospice when she left us on July 8th at 1:30 p.m. Ten minutes before my grandmother passed away, a small white butterfly slowly fluttered passed her kitchen window, as I stood there washing dishes, and watching it dance by, a voice very softly said, “On the wings of a butterfly, her soul will fly.” The voice wasn’t mine, that’s not how I talk, but it went straight through my mind. I hurried to dry my hands and ran to her room to check on her, thinking she had passed on. When I got at her side and saw she was still breathing, I said ” Hey Gramma! You’re still here! I said what are you still doing here? Go home. I asked what she was waiting for, and immediately my sister’s name entered my mind. All of the sudden I felt a strange urgency to get in touch with my sister and tell her to come see Grandmother, but I knew in my heart there wasn’t going to be time for that. I saw something enter her room and ‘stand’ at her bedside opposite of me. I can’t quite explain what it was, and I asked my grandmother “who’s here?” she forced herself to open her eyes and turn her head toward me. The look she gave was like her last goodbye, as she stared deeply into my eyes, then her eyes just closed. My uncle came in the room seconds later and it startled me. I said “Uncle Anthony, someone is here.” he said “who?!” I said “I don’t know, but they’re right there”, but when I turned back it was gone. At that point she was still breathing, and I told my Uncle we needed to call my sister, it’s urgent that she gets over here. I whispered in my grandmother’s ear that we couldn’t get in touch with her. Only a few minutes later we watched her take her last breath.

  3. I work in a nursing home as a CNA. Recently while outside on break I have a beautiful monarch butterfly that would not leave me alone. I had a feeling of doom that came over me. Within hours a resident that I had been caring for for 5 years passed away. Could the butterfly have been sent to tell me?

  4. My husband died August 12 this year, the next morning there was a white butterfly right outside the sliding glass door leading to the yard he worked in and loved so much…I know that was him..I will ever forget that

  5. Iam renting a car I opened the trunk and there it was a beautiful Butterfly it was dead it was black and green gold I hang not removed it yet for I would like to preserve it. Help me with anything you have on finding a dead Butter please.

  6. The day my son passed from cancer as we arrived at hospice a butterfly followed us from our car to hospital doors an stayed ad we waited to go in as doors r kept locked – at that time our daughter an husband went out for air not having any knowledge of the butterfly but when they came n they told us of a butterfly by the doors and it stayed n arms distance the 20 to 30 min they were there an when describing the butterfly it was the same one that we saw – we all felt it was my son passed over

  7. My daughter died June 22,2017
    My wife son @ I seen yellow ,black butterflies, I Randy am wanting a sign knowing my daughter Autumn Olson is OK
    She was my little girl ,we talked everyday 31 years old

  8. A couple of months ago I was packing up my car to leave a camp site that I had been at for a few days while on vacation.I was ouside the cabin that I had been staying in and I was saying my goodbyes.I was holding my phone in my left hand while saying goodbye to my friend and seemingly out of nowhere a “red admiral small butterfly” landed on my index finger of my left hand right in front of the camera lens so I snapped a few pics. Realizing that the pics would likely be blurry because of the closeness of the butterfly to my camera lens, I put my phone in my right hand all the while the butterfly stayed sitting on my finger and I was able to take a video of it.The butterfly didn’t move off my finger for quite some time. I tried to put it on my friends hand so I could get a video of him holding the butterfly. That is when it flew away BUT it flew in a small circle and came back and landed on my left shoulder and stayed with me for a total of about 20 minutes. I thought that this experience was amazing. I don’t know how long it would have hung out with me because I had to check out of my campsite therefore I had to physically take the butterfly to the nearest plant and put it there. I have never had a butterfly land on me before let alone for such a long period of time. I still have the video and pics that I took.I found the whole experience very exciting and I feel fortunate to have had this happen to me!

  9. when my dad died an we put is ashes in the livingroom.a butterfly came in an landed on is box this had never happened before we had never seen a butterfly for years not in october.

  10. A butterfly was sitting on my windshield today. I picked it up and placed it in my hand to set it free. It flew out of my hand only to fall on the ground and sputter around. I picked it up again and it did the same thing. I realized it was in the process of dying. It was on the ground in a parking lot and I didn’t want it to get hit by a car so I put it into my car and left all windows open in case by some miracle it was ok and wanted to fly out the windows. It still has some remnants of life but not much. This has never happened to me before and so I am struggling to find meaning in it. Especially since I am having the most unusual experiences with nature right now.

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