Is There A Life After Death?

There are various views about afterlife put forth by believers and shunned by skeptics. Moreover, scientists have been investigating about the possibility of life after death, taking hints from the near-death experiences of certain patients.

Taking the philosophical point of view into consideration, there definitely should be life after death otherwise the course of life is meaningless.

If death is the ultimate truth, then there is no point working hard to achieve temporary rewards and then perish permanently.

Thus, the concept of a conscious soul or spirit soul seems appealing as it makes eternal life and existence possible.

Obviously, there has got to be some reason for this existence as well. You can read about soul and spirit soul in this article. Information about the soul can also be found at Wikipedia and

Our present life on the material plane is bound to culminate in death, irrespective of the number of births we take.

Hence, there must be some means to end this cycle of birth and death, thereby allowing us to enter the realm of eternal blissful life.

This eternal life is different from the Heaven. So, we are talking about life beyond Heaven and Hell as these are temporary worlds and the spirit soul again takes birth.

Thus, Heaven and Hell are real but temporary. You can read about The Buddhist Concept of Heaven and Hell on this page.

The aspect of having a ‘blissful’ life is, nonetheless, important because we cannot deny the fact that we want to be happy always.

We do not welcome problems, grief, and suffering, and thus, try to counteract them to the best of our abilities.

However, any sane man can tell that issues like hurdles, pain, and suffering are an integral part of life. Thus, this necessitates the existence of a life where not only do we experience freedom from these problems but also experience ‘bliss’.

Mere absence of fear and suffering does not give rise to bliss! If we are fully satisfied within ourselves, wouldn’t that be a more sophisticated form of selfishness.

How can there exist traits like selfishness in a perfect world when we do even find it acceptable in our present imperfect world?

This bliss, then, must be dependent on something dearer to us than our own self or spirit soul or else, it would be selfish. That superior being, in turn, can be no other than God.

The Supreme Being, Creator, or God is the central point of existence, in this world and in the spiritual world, because He is the original source of all that exists, whether directly or indirectly.

To understand about the eternal life, however, is not easy because we cannot readily perceive it. Thus, there are a number of doubts and reservations.

Nonetheless, studying the psychic and supernatural experiences of others can be of some help in this regard.

You may read this to get an idea about near-death experiences. Furthermore, you will find more information on the spiritual perspective associated with life after death, here.

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