Exploring The Realm of Death And Near-Death Experiences

It is believed that the afterlife experienced during a near-death experience or NDE is similar to our dreams. In most cases of near-death experiences, individuals had been clinically dead yet they experienced life-changing events while being out of their body.

As the name itself indicates, an NDE is a psychological event that tends to occur when someone is on the threshold of death. These accounts are filled with the description of out-of-body experiences and traveling through NDE circles.

Though people have mostly reported intense emotions of bliss and peacefulness during an NDE, still there are cases in which people have experienced terror and anxiety. Furthermore, researches have shown that the phenomenon of NDE is experienced in all religions.

Thus, NDEs clearly emphasize that there is a life after death that can be experienced in a higher state of consciousness beyond the earthly plane.

Consequently, it is hard to explain these life-changing experiences, where people found themselves surrounded by an indescribable, peaceful light.

These profound events have surely induced people to believe in a Supreme Being and an afterlife. Hence, they encourage exploring the truth about life through spiritual growth.

In most cases, those who have experienced NDE have reported seeing and conversing with a ‘Light being’. Some have also seen their departed relatives during a near-death experience.

To understand more about near-death experiences from spiritual point of view, you can watch this video by Martha St.Claire, a Near-Death Experience Speaker & Educator, Counselor & Spiritual Medium, Hospice & Gerontology Background.

In the following video, you can find information about the concepts of near-death experience, consciousness, and the Self.

There are various websites on the internet enumerating what people experienced during an NDE when they were close to death.

To begin with, you can read this article by a neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander about his near death experience.

In case you are wondering whether people born blind can see during an NDE, read this. In addition, you can visit this page explaining the Christian perspective on NDE and dying.

On the same site, you will also find examples of suicide NDEs. At www.thespiritualscientist.com, there is an article explaining how near-death experiences are different from hallucinations. 

The term ‘near-death experience’ was coined by psychiatrist Raymond Moody, the author of the book ‘Life After Life’.

There are various scientific theories like that of dying brain, lack of oxygen, hallucination, temporal lobe theory, etc. explaining the reasons behind NDEs. You can learn about these theories on this page.

You can find a great deal of information about NDEs at www.near-death.com. Besides, you can read this article from The Epoch Times about the existence of soul and NDEs. Moreover, there is scientific explanation of near-death experiences at scientificamerican.com.

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