Coping With Witnessing A Death

Witnessing a death, especially a traumatic or violent death like a road accident or industrial accident, can be extremely distressing and disturbing.

The incident is likely to have a lasting impact, leaving you with innumerable sleepless nights and bouts of extreme emotions.

The symptoms may manifest differently in different individuals as some may be disturbed for several days, weeks, and months but again return to normal while others may not show these symptoms in the beginning but maybe a few weeks after the incident.

It is even worse when you witness the loss of a loved one as it tends to make you ponder over the futility of life itself. More often than not, initially, people find it difficult to accept the reality of death.

After all, it is never easy to see someone take the last breath. Breathing is such a routine activity for us that we simply ignore it. Thus, after witnessing a living being’s last breath, we tend to realize about the flickering nature of this life.

Suicide is another similar event that is hard to get over with. It is extremely difficult to recover from this grief and shock all by yourself.

So, it is suggested that you discuss your experience and share your feelings with a close friend or relative. In fact, avoid being lonely after witnessing the event.

Being with someone who you can talk about your experience shall help you unburden yourself which, in turn, can be useful, to some extent. Here is an article explaining how to help people who have witnessed violence and death.

When you recover from the initial awe and shock, you can give yourself time to think deeply about the importance of life and death instead of lingering on the idea of death as the end of everything and being fascinated only with death.

After all, though frightening, death is basically a transition from one realm of existence to another as the spirit soul never ceases to exist.

The entity being discussed in this context is different from the ethereal soul, which is a subtle covering of the spirit soul apart from the gross physical body.

You can read about the subtle body and causal body at Wikipedia. On this page, you shall find a diagrammatic representation of the various covering of the spirit soul.

So, make an attempt to relax and accept the inevitable death with spirituality. If everything had to culminate in death, there would have been no reason for having life.

However, Mother Nature is not irrational. There is always a valid reason behind each of her activities. Therefore, do not underestimate the value of life.

Try to learn from your experience instead of getting stuck in it and reliving it again and again. This, however, is not as easy as it sounds as it can take a long time to put things behind.

You can seek help from a therapist or psychiatrist, too. Here is an article from explaining how to recover from the grief of losing a loved one to suicide.